The Book

Korea’s Game is set in Arizona during the two months leading up to North Korea’s combined nuclear and cyber attack on the United States and the two days immediately following. Murf, a former Army Ranger, is now a civil servant faced with two problems.

First, his duty to prepare his community for the cyber attack he believes is imminent and, second, his concern for Dani, his estranged 14 year old daughter. He has no way of knowing that both his alcoholic ex-wife and Dani are the victims of a vicious drug dealing pimp. As our world is descending into chaos, he leaves safety behind and travels hundreds of miles of dangerous roads to find Dani.

This is a fast-paced thriller dealing with a very real apocalyptic fear and with one or our society’s open secrets: how a young woman can be abused to the point of being enslaved while everyone who should protect her looks the other way. The action continues to the very last page.

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