The Author

Ed McDonald spent his early childhood on a cattle ranch in the foothills of the Tortolita Mountains where his father was a cowboy. Ed was on horseback at the age of four. At 20, he rode in the Fifth Cavalry Memorial Regiment. He holds two master’s degrees.

He worked with the United States Congress to develop a national day to commemorate the Challenger astronauts, a National Day of Excellence for years 1987-89. He served five years as a reserve officer in the Tucson Police Department. For six years, he was Director of Academic Programs and Publications Editor of THE FINAL OPTION Tactical Force Institute, an international post-graduate training institute for SWAT and Hostage Rescue Team officers. Ed has edited, illustrated and published eight advanced law enforcement tactical textbooks.

He also taught for thirty-eight years as an adjunct faculty member at institutes of higher education, including the University of Arizona, Pima Community College and the Southern Arizona Institute of Advanced Technology. He has built computers and been tasked with teaching other professionals how to use them. He is a licensed pilot and has taught SCUBA diving, snow skiing and is an NRA certified instructor.

He served ten years on the Tucson-Almaty Sister Cities Committee and for eighteen years on the governing board of Wright Flight, charity for children. He has lived in Mexico, Kazakhstan and Russia. While studying the Russian language in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1999, he met Victoria who became his wife in 2001. They have two daughters.

Ed credits Ted Koppel’s excellent book, Lights Out, with inspiring him to put some of its facts into fictional genre.

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